Denise Faulkner - Artist - Represented by Michael Reid Gallery

Denise Faulkner

  • Denise Faulkner
    Scarlet Honeyeater and Neenish Tart, 2019

    60 × 60 cm
  • Denise Faulkner
    Dragon Flies, 2019

    98 × 78 cm
  • Denise Faulkner
    Butterflies and Buttercups, 2019

    76 × 60 cm
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Artist profile

Denise Faulkner

Trading the city life for a small bush block just outside Mudgee, Denise Faulkner finds enjoyment observing the local birds as they flit and chatter in her backyard. What began as a documentation of local species, has now developed into a playful exploration of the inquisitive personalities of Australia’s native birds. The bold flash of red from a visiting rosella or a dancing flutter of a willy wag tail are the fleeting moments Faulkner seeks out like a radar, documenting the imperceptible tonal changes of nature embodied in their feathers or fur, petals or leaves. To revel in their beauty longer, she invites them to stay and share a cuppa.